Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune

Millionet presents Mega Fortune, the king of the life-changing games, producing some of the largest jackpots in the world.  Mega Fortune is the perfect game for the high roller, we are talking Vegas or Monte Carlo VIP status.  As expected, you will be surrounded by stacks of cash, limousines, yachts, champagne, jewellery, watches, and all of the gambling riches you can imagine.  While winning cash is great, the name of the game is making a mega fortune, so look for the bonus symbols to have your chance at the wheel of fortune... the key to the big jackpots.

The Game

Mega Fortune is for the high class player who wants to experience luxury while gaming.  This game is very straight forward to play, and will require very little practice for you to get the hang of it.  As with many of the top million jackpot games, this is a progressive jackpot slot, which means the prize pool keeps building until its won, with the highest jackpot reaching nearly €18 million for the Mega version of the game. As with most slot machines there are five vertical reels that you spin when you pull the slot lever (or button in this case), and when the spinning stops you will see 3 rows stacked up with all of the symbols you need to make your winning combination.  On each reel are the familiar symbols of the high roller.  The multi-coloured diamond rings have a nice poker twist showing Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.  In addition, you will see a luxury watch, stack of cash, limousine, and whiskey & cigar.  Like most slots you have a wild card which in this case is the super yacht, and the scatter symbol is the champagne bottle and glasses. As usual, the general idea is to get as many of the same symbol as you can, with the help of yacht wild cards and scatter champagne.  In this game you want to pay particular attention to the Mega Fortune bonus wheel symbol (you will need three wheel of fortune symbols to make it to the bonus round and win the huge jackpots). 

Before you Spin

Mega Fortune is a very player friendly game, and there is very little you need to do to get started.  The game will very clearly show you each spin if you are a winner, and adjust your bankroll automatically.  There are some very basic things you need to do before each spin:

PayLines (Betlines):  Mega Fortune offers 25 paylines or betlines.  You can see the paylines on each side of the reels from 1-25 (in multi-colour).  These are the winning lines that run through the 5 reels horizontally.   You can choose as many paylines as you wish, but remember that you can only win when symbols intersect your chosen lines, so you may want to choose all 25 paylines and you won’t miss out on any wins.

Select Coin Value:  Simply enter how much you want each bet to represent.  The minimum coin size is €0.01, so you can start off with the lowest risk.  The maximum coin value is €0.50.

Select Bet Level:  After choosing the coin value, you then choose how many coins to bet each spin or levels they are called here, providing you with the option of levels 1-4.  For example, if you choose a coin size of €0.05 and you select level four this means you are betting a total value of €.20 per spin.  However, in this example if you also chose to play all 25 paylines then your cost per spin would be €.05 x 4 levels x 25 lines = €5.00 per spin.  If you play with a coin value of €.01, then your cost per spin is €1 (at level 4 & 25 paylines).  Millionet recommends that you start at Level 1 to keep risk low, and then adjust as you feel comfortable.

Bet Max:  The maximum amount is €50 per spin, so please make sure you are prepared before using this option.

Paytable:  Under the left reel in a grey bar you can click PAYTABLE which will show you all of the winning combinations and their respective payout values.

Autoplay:  If clicking the spin button is too tiring, go on autopilot, but don’t fall asleep you might miss out on the big jackpot.  Pressing STOP ends autoplay mode.

Game Options:  For those that want total control, look for the icons at the bottom left corner, you will see a few tools.  The wrench controls sound and game history.  The speaker icon allows you to play with sound or not.  The Help menu is available by clicking on ?.  The AUTO icon allows you to control the number of spins for Autoplay.

Spin (circular arrows symbol): Time to make your millions press spin and get lucky!  If you want the reels to stop spinning quickly you can press the spin button a second time. Pressing spacebar on your keyboard also activates spin.                                        


How To Win

Now the fun starts and its time to press spin.  As we mentioned, you are basically looking to make three or more identical symbols in your lines, but you also looking for wild and scatter symbols.

Diamond Rings:  Most spins you will see blue, red, yellow, and green diamond ring symbols.  Each ring has the following poker letters A=Ace, K=King, Q=Queen, and J=Jack.  The minimum required for payout is 3 identical symbols, but you can also use the wild symbol to help your hand.

High Roller Symbols:  As you make your way through the VIP journey you will see symbols including a luxury watch, stack of cash, limousine, and whiskey & cigar.  For these symbols you also need a least three identical to win.

Super Yacht (wild symbol): Imagine the wild life partying on your super yacht, well in this game you want to see two yacht symbols to win.  However, more importantly when you see this symbol appear it acts as a wild card symbol so extends any other matched symbols you have. 

Free Spins (scatter symbol):  What better scatter symbol than a chilled bottle of champagne, and the word ‘SCATTER’, so if you see three of these symbols in any order then free spin mode will automatically be engaged.  Your free spins will have the same coin value, level, and payline settings as you had selected prior to the free spin mode.  You will then be asked to select a scatter symbol or champagne symbol to reveal how many free spins and a multiplier between 1-5 (ie. 1 to 5 times the normal win rate during free spin).  The multiplier does not apply to wins in the bonus round.  If you are lucky enough to get at least two scatters in your free spins, you earn even more free spins and possibly a higher multiplier added on (up to a 5 multiplier max).   When the free spin round is complete you will see all of the free spin winnings added to your balance.

Bonus Game and Progressive Jackpots:  At the top of the game reels you can see the jackpots climbing constantly.  There are three jackpots, the mega, major, and rapid jackpots.  You can win any of these jackpots based on your success in the bonus game.  However, keep in mind the higher value bets have a higher probability of winning.   In order to have your opportunity in the bonus game, you need to see at least three bonus symbols (on separate reels left to right you can’t have them stacked on same reel) and landing on your paylines.  Each symbol is a golden wheel of fortune displaying the word BONUS.  You are then automatically taken directly to the bonus game, where a large wheel of fortune appears. 

The wheel of fortune is actually three wheels in one, outer, middle, and inner wheel.  To begin the outer wheel starts spinning and you simply press ‘STOP’ when you want.  Either you win the cash prize stated and the bonus game ends, or if you land on an arrow you advance to the middle wheel, which starts automatically.  Again for the middle wheel you press ‘STOP’ when you like, and either the bonus game ends with a cash prize, you win the Rapid Progressive jackpot, or you land on an arrow to the next wheel.  If you advance to the inner wheel, its the same routine, but with higher cash prizes and a chance to win the Major progressive jackpot.  

Please keep in mind that winning the Mega jackpot is not simply landing on a space on the inner wheel, it is based on a completely random basis but you have to be in the inner wheel for your opportunity to make a fortune.  All wins in the bonus round are based on the coin value/level/payline settings prior to the bonus round, with the maximum coin win being 7500.  Once you complete the bonus round the game will calculate your additional winnings and add it to your balance.

Mega Fortune Winners:

July 31, 2017: Mr Green Casino gives away over €3.5 million to player who hits Mega Fortune jackpot

April 1st, 2017: Twenty-eight year old man wins €3.3 million on Mega Fortune at Casumo casino

Dec 20, 2016:  Player from Cheshire England turns £1.25 into €7.4 million playing Mega Fortune at BGO casino

Jan 25, 2013: Forty year old man from Helsinki, Finland breaks world record hitting almost €18 million playing Mega Fortune at Paf casino


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